Ethics & Global Security: the OCIS session

Just last week my new book, Ethics & Global Security: A Cosmopolitan Approach, co-authored with Katrina Lee-Koo and Matt McDonald, was published. This happy event coincided with a panel at the Oceanic Conference on International Studies – chaired by Professor Toni Erskine (UNSW) – which heard searching commentaries on the book by Professors Robyn Eckersley […]

Posthuman security: a virtual workshop

Originally posted on Worldly IR:
At the end of June, I organised a workshop at the University of York to explore the intersections of posthumanist thought (broadly construed!), international security and ethics. I was lucky to be joined by a stellar list of scholars from several disciplines, including IR, philosophy, geography, sociology, robotics and political…


Original post here. As scholars of international law, human rights law, and refugee law we are profoundly concerned by reports that asylum seekers have been subjected to rapid and inadequate screening interviews at sea and returned to Sri Lanka. This raises a real risk of refoulement, in breach of Australia’s obligations under international refugee and…

All too (post)human? security cosmopolitanism revisited

On 27 June 2014 I gave a talk to the workshop, “Posthuman security? Developing an integrative research agenda”, organised by Dr. Audra Mitchell at the University of York, UK. It was a fascinating opportunity to hear a range of perspectives on the ethical and political paradigm shifts that ‘post human’ thinking in social theory and philosophy was […]

The Destruction of Politics & IR at the ANU

This weekend’s press included two stories about a serious crisis at the Australian National University’s School of Politics and International Relations, including allegations of bullying, institutional sexism, “an adversarial, antagonistic and disrespectful culture”, and leadership that subjected both “male and female academics [to] direct criticism or career setbacks for seeking to balance their work with their […]