Call for Papers: EWIS workshop on planet politics & IR


Hannes Peltonen, Senior Lecturer at the University of Tampere and the author of this blog post on the potentials of planet politics,  is convening this interesting workshop at the European Workshops on International Studies in June next year.  I hope to be Skyping in  and I’m looking forward to seeing how this dialogue develops.

Do consider this call for participation and submit your abstracts.

* * *

The workshop titled “Planet Politics and IR” will be held at the 5th European Workshops in International Studies(EWIS) in Groningen, the Netherlands, 6-9 June 2018.

The purpose of Planet Politics workshop is to critically examine this recent innovation in IR in order to assess its promise and viability as a major research program.

As the workshop convener, I invite original and innovative papers that explore any aspect of Planet Politics. These might include but need not be limited to:

1)      What is Planet Politics? How should it be understood?

2)      What is wrong with Planet Politics, either fundamentally or as it has been understood so far?

3)      How to delineate Planet Politics from other, related approaches or innovations in IR?

4)      What would form the basis for a Planet Politics research program? What kinds of questions would fall within Planet Politics?

5)      How to teach Planet Politics?

6)      How to ensure that Planet Politics contributes but does not threaten “traditional” IR?

7)      Is Planet Politics a grand, top-down approach that concerns mainly the planetary or can it be usefully applied also to the very small such as bacteria and pathogens?

The workshop will consider any papers that explore the examples above or something else related to Planet Politics.

For further details, please see:

For one brief take on Planet Politics, please see:

Submission deadline: January 10, 2018.

Information on the workshop and the submission process can be found here:

Please use the online submission system:

In case you have any questions about the Planet Politics workshop, please do not hesitate to be in touch.


Hannes Peltonen, PhD

Senior Lecturer in International Politics

University of Tampere


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