Yield. 2009. Photography by Anthony Burke.

Welcome to Global Theory.

This is the blog page of Anthony Burke (b. 1966), an Australian social and political theorist, international relations scholar, and writer. This site contains biographical information about me, information about (and excerpts from) my books and published writings, and more occasional posts and observations about world affairs.

My particular interests and expertise lie in the areas of international security, war and peace, and ethics. To interrogate and understand these fields I draw upon resources from continental philosophy, and political and social theory. I have written about Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle-East, the United States and Israel-Palestine, and maintain ongoing interest in developments there.

My approach is a ‘critical’ one, which holds that what we assume to be the unstated truths of politics, being and global life – wherever they come from, and whatever their implications – need to be placed under scrutiny. I take this approach to both conservative forms of politics and thought, and more radical, liberal and progressive ones as well. I am committed to a global and national vision of politics and (co)existence that is more just, cosmopolitan and peaceful. However understanding remains challenging and uncertain, and action always fraught with inescapable risks. Hence the need for critique.

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