Ethics & Global Security: the OCIS session

Ethics & Global Security: the OCIS session

Just last week my new book, Ethics & Global Security: A Cosmopolitan Approach, co-authored with Katrina Lee-Koo and Matt McDonald, was published. This happy event coincided with a panel at the Oceanic Conference on International Studies – chaired by Professor Toni Erskine (UNSW) – which heard searching commentaries on the book by Professors Robyn Eckersley […]

Security Cosmopolitanism

Attached here is a link to my new article, “Security Cosmopolitanism”, which appears in the very first issue of Critical Studies on Security, a new journal that aims, in the words of its editors, to ‘gather some of the best literature, to challenge ourselves as critical security scholars and to open and explore new avenues […]

Some Thoughts on Critical Security Studies

It has become commonplace to accept that security is a ‘contested concept’. How contested, however, seems to be what is at stake for critical approaches to security. With the US Congress poised to ask for a National Intelligence Estimate on the security impacts of human-induced climate change; with terrorism, people movements and disease the focus […]

arendt & world politics

Ever since I read The Origins of Totalitarianism in 1999 I have been a fan of the philosophy and writings of Hannah Arendt. While I may have initially been drawn to what Margaret Canovan calls the ‘postmodern’ Arendt (one of her many faces) I think for me it was also a way of finding my […]