Manifesto of Planet Politics

Manifesto of Planet Politics

  This Spring (Autumn where I live in the southern hemisphere) Stefanie Fishel, Audra Mitchell, Simon Dalby, Daniel Levine and I published “Planet Politics: A manifesto from the end of IR” in the  Millennium Journal of International Studies. We are proud of this article and have reproduced the final preprint submission here on my personal website, […]

arendt & world politics

Ever since I read The Origins of Totalitarianism in 1999 I have been a fan of the philosophy and writings of Hannah Arendt. While I may have initially been drawn to what Margaret Canovan calls the ‘postmodern’ Arendt (one of her many faces) I think for me it was also a way of finding my […]


Following is a brief excerpt from a chapter I wrote for the Oxford Handbook of International Relations, a major analytical survey of the field edited by Christian Reus-Smit and Duncan Snidal. This take on postmodernism was supportive but also somewhat critical, especially of what I take to be some key normative, analytical and political failures […]

life insurance & death command

This narrative essay, “Life in the Hall of Smashed Mirrors”, was initially drafted in 2006 as an entry for the Australian Book Review’s Calibre Prize. It was subsequently revised and published in full length with notes in Borderlands, 7(1), May 2008, and a slightly abridged version in Meanjin Quarterly, 67(4), in December 2008. ::::::::::: Often […]